When students use technology to create artwork...

  • GI12-C12 Tech-studio 1:
Take turns to design e-visual textures that represent four elements: air, water, fire and earth in your eBeamboard. Teacher will save files.
eBeam.png ebeamvisualtextures1.pngebeamvisualtextures2.pngebeamvisualtextures3.pngebeamvisualtextures4.pngebeamvisualtextures5.pngebeamvisualtextures6.pngebeamvisualtextures8.pngebeamvisualtextures7.png

  • VC d1-d2/Cd1-d2 Tech-studio 2:

Use Shape collage to illustrate one of the myths that Sandrinity presented at Tech-tool workshop, using visual textures upload it to yoru e-@artlab course at the Tech-studio page.


If you want to practise at home you can download the software here

Now let´s watch SHAPE COLLAGE TUTORIAL to start creating Visual Texture images :